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Higher IR Resolution HT-18+ Handheld Thermal Camera
  • * Now More Powerful Than Ever- Based on our wildly popular HT-18 thermal imaging camera Which has sold more than thousands of units. We have upgraded the HT-18 thermal scanner with lots of improvements to become the NEW HT-18+ Handheld IR Thermal Camera. This year's version has far better IR resolution at an impressive 256 x 192 with 25 HZ, thermal sensitivity <40mk, measurement accuracy up to 0.1 °, and temperature range -4°F to +1022°F, Get greater accuracy for improved results.
  • * Clear Sharp 3.2" Color Display Screen - Lets you clearly see colors and objects for intense accuracy. Much better than fuzzy, poorly defined images found in others. Offers 300,000 pixels for sharp well defined objects, details, and colors without the eye strain of poor monitors. Lets you work faster with greater confidence.
  • * Lightweight & Easy to Hold - Gives you a firm grip and weighs less than one pound making it one of the most comfortable to hold handheld thermal cameras on the market. The rechargeable battery will run on a single charge for a full 4 to 5 hours. Long enough to get big projects completed without having to recharge.
  • * Records Photos & Video - Can save jpg photos and mp4 video. Just what you need for reports or saving records. Conveniently connects to a computer with micro USB. The camera comes with Thermal Imaging Image Analysis Software to load onto your computer.
  • * Widely Used in Business & Industry - The HT-18+ thermal gun is used worldwide for home and building inspections, fire fighting and prevention, electronics, manufacturing, search, and rescue, measuring heat loss to locate leaks in pipes, night security and much more. Many businesses order several to fully outfit their teams with better accuracy and reliable performance. This reduces error for greater reliability.
  • *Warranty - Have a sub-office in IA, It’s very convenient to close customer service anytime .and We offer hassle-free after-sale services: 60-Day money back guarantee, 24 month warranty, and Lifetime technical support. We won't let our customer waste their money.
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Handheld EVP Ghost Hunting Equipment Kit
Hardware InterfaceMicroSD, USB, Secure Digital Card
Microphone Form FactorBuilt-In
Headphones Jack3 5mm Jack
Item Dimensions LxWxH5 x 1 x 2.4 inches
Memory Storage Capacity32 GB
Product Dimensions1"D x 5"W x 2.4"H
  • Did You Hear That? — Find a quiet place, turn off your phone, and step into another realm with Paranormic. Your spirit box is ready to go thanks to the included 32 GB microSD, charging cable, and instructions.
  • Phenomenal Versatility — Investigate the unseen like never before wielding your ghost hunting equipment - EVP recorder. This device is portable and has 4 sweeping speeds with auto, reverse, and manual modes.
  • Spectral Specs — Your ghost hunting equipment kit has what you need for encounters day or night: an internal speaker, line-in mode to connect an external speaker, LED screen, Bluetooth, and a flashlight.
  • Thrilling Results — Extend the extra-long antenna, press Scan to begin, and then press Rec/Play to record. As your ghost communicator sweeps AM or FM channels, spirits can alter the waves to make contact.
  • Comprehensive Accessories — The spirit box comes with a complete package, including a 32 GB microSD card, charging cable, and easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring you have everything you need to start your paranormal exploration.