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SPIRITIQUE: Between Faith and Fraud: Shocking Events, Criticisms, Controversies, and the Search for Truth in Spiritistic Practices
Ghost Hunting Logbook for Paranormal Investigations: Track Hauntings, Spirit Encounters, and Other Experiences of the Unexplained
The Everything Ghost Hunting Book: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Exploring the Supernatural World (Everything® Series)
Ghost-Hunting For Dummies
Halloween Lore and Legend
In Search Of…The Complete 146 OG Episodes with badass Leonard Nimoy
GenreScience Fiction & Fantasy/Television, Television
FormatBox set, Multiple Formats, Full Screen, Dolby, NTSC
ContributorMitch Pileggi, Leonard Nimoy, Rod Serling
Number Of Discs21
Chasing American Monsters: Over 250 Creatures, Cryptids & Hairy Beasts