We Want To Believe You

It's that simple. BYONDR is made up of open-minded people who want to collect the best evidence. Everyone has a camera in their pocket which makes everyone a potential discoverer of something great. Let's solve some of these mysteries together.

Let's Be Honest

Most of us at BYONDR have yet to experience any of the phenomena we're exploring together. That's why we wanted to create a platform where we could have a chance. We know there is potential for hoaxes in this realm. So let's trust each other but verify.

We're Beyondrs. That's Cool.

It's time to come away from the fringe. With so many prime-time non-fiction TV series and bestselling books on these topics we can stop being embarrassed about what we like and what we believe in. We have to admit that the unexplained is mainstream. Finally.

Our Founder

The bestselling author and marketing executive went to bed one night wondering if he'd ever see an actual UFO and woke up with the idea for BYONDR.

Paul Malmont