this is sort of a weird story

The Paranormal | August 18, 2023

this is sort of a weird story

this happened october in 2021 , between 2 and 3 am. way out on the eastern plains of Colorado, there is an abandoned church house with a cemetery. my boyfriend and i have a hobby of exploring abandoned places and found this one via public records of the cemetery. looking for something to do in spirit of it being close to halloween. it was about an hour drive out east on dirt roads and after a certain point there was a good portion of completely desolate road , no houses or ranches in any direction . i confirmed this by looking on google earth as i often do when exploring abandoned places. no civilization for miles in each direction. it seemed odd to build a church out this far. when we arrived to the gps coordinates , the air was so silent and all you could hear was the distant sound of cattle mooing. impossible to tell what direction they were in because of the darkness around . the moon dimly illuminated the silhouette of the church building, which more closely resembled a house. there was no steeple , it was a small square structure with a pyramid shaped roof and a short staircase leading up to the entry way that no longer had a door . two windows on either side and narrow windows along the foundation , which indicated the presence of a basement . none of the windows had glass and we stood and noticed the stillness in the air before walking up the concrete steps . at the top of the steps , we stopped. because directly to our left , was another set of steps leading down to the basement. and infront of us , was the open square room that i supposed was the main chapel where pews once stood. we shined a flashlight in , this room no longer had a floor. it was bare rafters, with at least two feet of space between each one, we couldn’t safely walk on that in the dark .

in the silence we started to hear a faint sound of something moving . it was hard to determine where it was coming from. it sounded like a shuffle, as if someone took a few soft steps through a debris covered floor. i moved my hat away from my ears to hear better, it sounded like it was coming from the basement. but not from the stairs next to us on our left, more like through the basement window down to our right. we stood and listened, silence . our senses were heightened and we didn’t dare to move, we had to wait until whatever it was made another sound , like we were in a stand off. i tried to make my breath as silent as i could . the silence was broken by what was distinctly bipedal footsteps , coming from the back right corner of the empty chapel room . as i realized that not only was this room illuminated by our flashlight and we couldn’t see any person, but also that this room did not have a floor for someone to be walking on. yet the footstep sounds were distinctly on hard wood . it felt like time froze as we tried to process what was happening . the footsteps were walking in our direction, and not only that , but they had gone from a slow creep to a full blown sprint . my boyfriend and i were standing pointing a flashlight into an empty room with no floor as what sounded like an invisible person sprinting directly at us. i turned around and ran without even thinking, almost like i blacked out. we got back in the car and tore down the dirt road. “wtf? what the fuck was that??” back and forth in disbelief. “what WAS THAT” “yooo :O THAT WAS FUCKED. UP. ” ???

then i realized my beanie had flown off while i was running. i was like , let’s pull over for a minute and assess wtf just happened. so we decided to go BACK. because we hadn’t driven that far away yet. partially because i wanted my hat back but also because we wanted to see if someone was messing with us or what. this time we decided to pull the car up to the front of the building and shine the headlights at it instead of parking off on the road like last time. so we did that, and i could see my hat laying in the dead grass . it made my skin crawl looking at that church even from the safety of my car , but there was no movement coming from inside at all . and i didn’t care to go back in to investigate . i got out and grabbed my hat and felt the most overwhelming sensation of being watched i’ve ever felt . not in like a preyed upon way of being watched, more like a furious i do not want you here type of being watched .

we turned around and drove back to town. we never did get to see the cemetery either, it was out back behind the building . i did some research, the church was built in 1926 but there first burial was in 1920. the last service was held in 1971, and the last burial was in 1964 . there’s no information on the denomination of the church.

i had always been open minded to the existence of paranormal but have never had something this unexplainable and convincing happen to me . i still don’t know what happened that day. we’ve had people try to dismiss it as being an animal , or a homeless person. but this distinctly had 2 steps when it walked and why would someone choose to camp in a building 10+ miles in each direction to the nearest supplies.

there’s a part 2 to this story, we came back a about a week later, and something else weird happened. i might share but it’s already pretty long as it is. thank you for reading 🙂

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