Britain’s Oldest Door in London, England

Cryptids | August 16, 2023

Britain’s Oldest Door in London, England

Behold! The oldest door in Britain!!

A most amazing find just off of the main abbey, leading to the Chapter House. If not looking out for it, you might just pass it by. This door has seen so much history pass it by.

This storied door in Westminster Abbey comprises five vertical oak planks held together with three horizontal battens and iron straps. Most unusually the battens are recessed into the planks so that the door is flush on both sides.  In 2005, the door was dated using a process known as dendrochronology. A study showed that the wood was felled after 1032 and the door itself was constructed sometime in the 1050s, during the reign of King Edward the Confessor.

For its age, this door inspires us to look as good as we grow on in years. Don’t be among those who come for the famous crypts and then miss the door.

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