There’s something weird in me

The Paranormal | August 15, 2023

There’s something weird in me

I don't believe in ghosts or paranormal, i had experienced some creepy stuff but always gave some logic to it, but there's something i can't explain... It started when i was 16, i was on vacations and decided i could make some cash, so i started working with my uncle at a construction, that day we decided that after work we could go to a soccer game. Through all this day i couldn't stop thinking about this famous picture at this point i had been working for 2 weeks but for some reason, this exact day, i couldn't stop thinking about it. Anyway, we finish the day and go to the stadium, mid game and my uncle tells me he doesn't feel so good and wants to go home, we get out and decide to grab something to eat on the restaurant next to the stadium, we sit there while waiting for our food, i look through the walls that has alot of pictures and charts, but then, right above me... yes that picture i mentioned before, but it's the BIGGEST chart in the restaurant, right above me. That gaved me the biggest chills i ever felt. But of course i just thought, "what a coincidence" i wasn't thinking i'm the next nostradamus or anything just for that lol.

But that was just the first time, from there to now, i have experienced the same stuff more regularly than normal, a few in my dreams but mostly, i'll just have a spontaneus thought of something random and it will ¿"manifest"? later on that same day o week...

Another example, a few months ago, i was out to get some cigarettes, english is not my first language as you may have noticed, i'm still practicing, so i was walking thinking, "i wonder how they call kiosk in english", i get my cigarettes, comeback home and play the episode of Mr Robot i had paused before going out and guess what, as soon as i press play, Mr Robot says kiosk... (i think it was ep4 season 4, i swear i never watched it before) i've never heard someone say kiosk before lol i don't think it's even common or idk, again, i'm not from a english speaking country.

This is not made up, i swear, and i'm not saying i can see or sense the future or anything like that, but this cannot be coincidence anymore, it happens too often, i just wanted a second opinion (i haven't told this to anyone i know), i just think that it might be some background part of the brain that works overclock, because, what else could it be? It happens too often.

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