Great-aunt passed away last month…

The Paranormal | August 15, 2023

Great-aunt passed away last month…

She lived w/ me & my parents for the past sixteen years, & passed away on July 20th. Since then, has been making her presence known to my us, but mostly my mom. One day, about a week after she died, I felt a light tap on my back as I was walking away from the stools by the counter where my dad prefers to eat. When I was a kid, she would sometimes pat me on the back as a way of scooting me off while she was busy making meals or tending to my uncle (I would spend weekends at her place during summers). I knew right away that it was her. Lately, my mom has been noticing more activity on her end, & even saw her one night while we were in the living room.

Before she died, my aunt would watch her favorite TV show up in her room, & for the past few days, she's been getting notices on social media about the star of the TV show several times a day. It definitely seems like she's trying to send us a message... I told my mom that we should experiment w/ putting the show on in her room to see what happens.

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