Cryptids | August 15, 2023


My mother called me super weirded out the other night. She said she saw a HUGE cat with ring stripes on its tail (like the Cheshire cat) and said she could tell show big it was due to the full grown rabbit in its mouth

She lives on a golf course in a wooded area so when she saw it it was walking across the course, without any visual obstruction.

She’s never heard of alien big cats before but it was the first thing I blurted out. I sent her an article.

She’s not the type, and many people aren’t, to have their phone on them all the time. I know when I’ve seen unexplainable things the last thing I think about is my phone camera. So before y’all ask for a picture, you’re not gonna get one.

She live right outside Charlotte NC and since I know our cougar population may be coming back according to some sightings, but I don’t know…the way she was telling me about it had her spooked. Plus she has a small ass dog and already worries about hawks ????

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