Singing man in the woods

The Paranormal | August 13, 2023

Singing man in the woods

I literally just made a Reddit for this reason because idk where else to post about it where anyone will take me seriously. My partner and I moved to this house in southern OH last November on a nature preserve.

Starting in March, we often hear very strange sounds in the woods. It first happened when my roommate told me to come outside and stargaze with them, we were out there for about 10 minutes and started hearing a man in the woods singing. We are deep in the forest and it was like 2:00 A.M. so it didn’t make any sense that someone would be out that late singing loudly. It was also pitch black and we didn’t see any flashlights or headlamps and there were no leaves on the trees yet so we could see pretty far into the woods and if someone had a light and was that close to us, we definitely would’ve been able to see it.

Needless to say, we all immediately went inside. The best way I can explain how it sounds is If you’ve ever watched Over the Garden Wall, it literally sounded like the beast who sings in the woods.

The next time we heard him was a few weeks later while we were having a fire. He didn’t sing for very long, just a few seconds and since we’d already heard him the first time, and nothing bad happened, we stayed out to finish our fire and then went inside. After that, we didn’t hear him again for a while. It wasn’t until June that one of us heard him again and it happened to be after a dream that I had. In my dream, there was a little guy in a yellow raincoat running around near the pond in our woods and I was trying to focus my eyes on him, but he was so fast and I couldn’t get a good look at him. For some reason, I felt that he was getting a kick out of that, that I couldn’t perceive him fully, and I was getting frustrated about it.

The next day, before I even told anyone about that, my partner heard the singing man again, this time in broad daylight. He wanted to get to the bottom of it and assumed a distant neighbor was messing with us, so he followed the voice into the woods. He was trying to be quiet and sneak up on the person, but every time he got close enough to almost see the person, the voice changed locations immediately. At one point, he said that he heard the singing so loudly that it had to be right around the corner of the trail he was on, so he jumped around the corner fast, and immediately the voice stopped. A few second later, it started up again all the way across the street in a whole different part of the woods that would take about 10 minutes to walk to by trail. For whatever reason compelled him, he decided to run over there as fast as he could, only for the singing voice to once again be even further away when he got there. At that point, he was very confused and returned home sweating and out of breath. He told me that he felt like the singing voice was enjoying messing with him and that the reason he kept trying to get to it was because he was getting frustrated.

It is now august 12th and we heard him again tonight, once again, only for a few seconds. It kind of felt like as soon as we recognized it, it stopped purposely. There are some other weird noises I’ve heard around the property as well. A few days ago I was sitting at the picnic table on my phone and heard a distant neighbor yelling for their dog, then on the other side of the woods, I heard someone mocking him in a higher pitched voice. There was also one night when we were bringing our chickens in because they decided to fall asleep on the porch, every time we picked them up they made surprised chicken noises. After we got them all in we heard what sounded like a chicken choking in the woods.

I’ve always been a skeptic with stuff like this, and I still am, but I am open to the idea of things existing that we don’t understand.

These are all of the examples I can think of regarding the weird things we’ve experienced since moving here. I’m sure we will hear more soon, and I’m honestly not too bothered by it at this point because nothing bad has happened, it just feels like we’re being messed with. I think that we just have to ignore it and hopefully it’ll just get bored and eventually stop.

Sorry this is such a wordy post, I just wanna know if anyone on here has had any similar experience. Please reach out if so, because I would be very interested to hear about it.

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