My Great-Grandfather’s horrifying WW2 encounter

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My Great-Grandfather’s horrifying WW2 encounter

So, my Great-Grandpa fought in ww2. He was drafted in 1943 when he was 23, he's 103 years old now, just a few days ago he told me a story that he says was the most horrifying experience in his life. I asked him if it was about Japanese soldiers because those guys were vicious back in the day.

He told me "No, it was something else." I don't know if this story is true or not, but it did give me chills. Feel free to debunk this if you want. He said that nobody ever believed their story, but he still remembers it clear as day and it still gives him nightmares to this day.

Okay, so this is the story. In 1943 he was stationed in the Philippines, along with others, to hold off the Japanese. However, one day he and his friend Samuel, who unfortunately passed away decades ago, got separated from their platoon. They were in a province, making their way through the forest within the mountain area, when they both got lost and were separated.

GG forgot which province it was, but he said there were a lot of forests and villages. So, he and Samuel were looking and calling out for their comrades, so they ventured deeper and deeper till they reached the end of the forest.

I asked him, "Why didn't you just radio your platoon?" He told me that they did, but for some unknown reason, the communications were scrambled and unintelligible. It concerned both him and Samuel, but Samuel said that they needed to keep calm and tread carefully in case they run into Japanese soldiers.

So they both made it out of the forest, but then they noticed that the sun was about to set. GG told Samuel that they needed to set up a camp, and Samuel agreed. That's when GG noticed something off in the distance, it was a small wooden hut. They both decided to camp inside, so they made their way over to the hut.

They knocked on the door and checked the place but there was no sign of people anywhere, but there were clothes scattered around the place. GG says that "Maybe they fled in panic," To which Samuel agreed with him.

So GG and Samuel set up camp and ate dinner. Samuel proposed the idea of taking shifts throughout the night to keep a lookout just in case they get "shagged" in their sleep by the Japanese, GG agreed to the idea.

So they both woke each other up and took each place as a lookout while the other person slept. While GG was sleeping, Samuel abruptly woke him up and told him "I spotted movement," GG quickly grabbed his rifle and asked him where.

Samuel gave the binoculars to Grandpa and pointed in the direction, "I saw them in the field, 300 yards away," Samuel said. GG looked through the binoculars in the direction Samuel pointed at. At first, he didn't see anything, but then he spotted something moving in the dark.

However, when GG looked closer, it was just a wild boar. "It's just a pig," Grandpa told Samuel. Samuel took the binoculars to see for himself.

"That's weird, it's just standing there," Samuel said. Grandpa looked at Samuel in confusion and asked what he meant. Samuel then said that the boar wasn't moving or anything, it was just standing there staring at them from afar, and that it was starting to weird him out.

Grandpa just laughed it off and told Samuel that it was probably just his mind playing tricks on him. But then something odd happened, the oil lamp that served as their source of light inside the hut started to slowly go out. Grandpa went over to light it back up, then afterward went back to his sleeping bag.

But then the light suddenly went out again, GG checked up on it again thinking that the oil probably went out. But the strange thing was that there was still plenty of oil, GG lit it back up again and went back to sleep, but then the flame went out yet again.

That's when a terrified Samuel frantically went up to him and said "It's gone."

"What the hell are you talking about?' GG asked him.

"The pig, it just disappeared into thin air!" At this point, Grandpa was also starting to get freaked. GG then asked him to explain. Samuel said that he was watching the boar through the binoculars when it suddenly just vanished out of existence.

Suddenly, a loud thud came from above them, as if something landed on the roof. Great-Gramps and Samuel grabbed their rifles. "We need to get fuck out of here," Samuel said.

Grandpa said that the rest of the events that happen are said to be one of the worst nightmares in his entire life.

GG told Samuel not to panic, to lay low, and to stay quiet. And so they did, while tightly gripping their guns close.

After a few moments of silence, Samuel started screaming. Grandpa turned on his light and saw something straight out of a horror movie.

Something that looked like a tongue was lodged into Samuel's neck. His friend was screaming in pain trying to remove it from his neck. GG snapped out of his shock and shot at the ceiling multiple times trying to hit whatever the tongue belonged to.

After a few more shots the tongue released Samuel and slowly retracted back into the hole on the ceiling. Samuel was gripping the side of his neck tightly while screaming, blood trickled down his neck. Grandpa put a cloth against the wound and told him to keep pressure on it.

Afterwards, they collected all their things, exited the cabin, and made a break for it. Grandpa turned around and shined his light on the hut's roof.

And what he saw, he described it as the most evil-looking and ugliest thing he ever saw.

I asked him to describe what it looked like. It was humanoid, it had two gigantic wings that were bigger than its own body, the wings look like a combination of a bat's and a hawk's. Its eyes were blood red and glowed in the dark, skin black as coal, wild unkempt hair, and huge fangs that were visible even though its mouth was closed.

It was just perching on the roof staring at them. Grandpa acted quickly, he raised his rifle and began shooting at the thing unloading all the rounds in the gun's chamber, Samuel also did the same thing.

But to their astonishment, the monster was unfazed. It just continued to stare at them unbothered.

At that point, Gramps and Samuel started screaming like maniacs while running for the hills. By some miracle, the creature didn't pursue them. They were both so scared that they didn't care if they run into the enemy as long they didn't encounter that thing again.

They managed to make it till morning and came across a small village where they rested in. That's when they learned from one of the locals that what attacked them was called an 'Aswang' and that they were very common in the countryside. The locals told them that they were all in God's favor because they survived.

After a couple of days, they were eventually reunited with their platoon. When they told the story only a few believed them, while the others thought that they probably were drunk and ran into enemy gunfire, hence the injury on Samuel's neck.

After the war ended, they all went home. But he could never forget the horrifying encounter that gave him severe PTSD. Samuel, unfortunately, passed away in the 80s due to a stroke.

His story honestly freaked me out as well, I just spent the past hour googling Aswangs. What are all y'all thoughts on this?

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