Light-Worker Series: Julie Nikota…Psychic Medium

The Unexplained | August 13, 2023

Light-Worker Series: Julie Nikota…Psychic Medium

Phantom Phil is proud to present this edition of the Light-Worker series for July with someone he met in person in the middle of June:

Julie is a psychic medium that never took any courses or received any certification. With that being said everything she has learned came from direct downloads from Spirit. This arguably makes her connection to the other side stronger than is what they talk about in this episode:

- Julie's Near Death Experience as a teenager
- Her downloads from Spirit
- Some good old-fashioned ghost stories
- Mediumship as a business
- Balancing her workload as an autism mother
- Not everyone is cut out for this line of work
Plus much more...

***Phantom Phil had an impromptu reading after the recording was over and was pretty floored at the accuracy and clarity of the details that came through***

You can book, connect and find everything else about Julie here:

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