Lamby, a small lamb toy whose “mother” came knocking on my door.

The Paranormal | August 13, 2023

Lamby, a small lamb toy whose “mother” came knocking on my door.

When I was around five, I was playing with my small lamb plushie, "Lamby" (very creative name, I know.) I held her on my dining room counter with a direct but still pretty far view of my front door and when I was doing whatever 5-year-olds do with their plushies and I suddenly heard banging on the front flyscreen door. When I looked up, I saw a humanoid lamb standing behind the flyscreen door. This "lamb" looked like a person in a lamb suit but looked identical to Lamby, the plush in my hands. This lamb was silent except for the banging on the door. I vividly recall screaming for my mother who was in another room in the hallway next to me at the time and she ran out and slammed the door in the humanoid lamb's face, when she reopened the door just a few minutes later there was no sight of this lamb. I remember running to my room and stuffing Lamby in my toy drawer, never playing with her again. I have a very good memory, well above average, and although I am now 16, I still remember this vividly and remember thinking about Lamby's "mum" being upset with me. My mum who slammed the door in the humanoid lamb's face, denies any of this happening and calls it a dream and says I'm crazy. I don't believe this was a dream at all, as I never had Lamby in my neglected toy drawer, where she laid for years. I still own Lamby (who I realised might be a sheep) and when I showed Lamby recently to my mum she said she remembers me playing with it on the dining room table, but that there was absolutely no humanoid lamb.

Has anybody else had a humanoid animal that you have seen or constantly dreamt or hallucinated? Because if so, was it a toy (if you remember)?

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