August Light-Worker series…Vasundhra Gupta…spiritual coach, blogger, light worker

The Unexplained | August 13, 2023

August Light-Worker series…Vasundhra Gupta…spiritual coach, blogger, light worker

Also simply known as 'V'....Vasundhra is based in Vancouver, B.C. and went from the corporate world and stepped forward into a journey of light work and spiritual practice which now defines her life...she runs the website

She is also a spiritual coach as well as a writer. She has written countless blogs and two books which you can order right here

But the main purpose of the website is to give bloggers of different spiritual practices of all backgrounds a forum to share and connect their work. High tide raises all ships and this website is a wealth of knowledge for anyone willing to walk the spiritual path.

But her connection to Unexplained Inc. runs a little bit deeper. In the summer of 2020 Phantom Phil made the declaration to study Shamanic Healing...after various lockdowns and logistical holdups he finally found courses to take in spring of 2021...V has graciously welcomed Phantom Phil to blog about his Shamanic journey in a three part series entitled Drum, Rattle & Soul: My Journey Into Shamanism....
Part one can be read here...
Part two will be posted on Monday August 30, 2021...stay tuned to Unexplained Inc. social media for more details...

Also discussed...
- The lessons of V's journey
- The conflict of heart vs. ego
- Criticism in the spiritual field
- The law of attraction
- Synchronicity and spirit animals
- Spiritual coaching

Plus...have a listen to Phantom Phil's extended outro explaining the sudden lineup change for this episode and how it became a major blessing in disguise! Also some teases for very exciting future announcements involving the show...stay curious!!

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