Lunar Mysteries w/ Amanda Rose Campanaro On The Virgo Full Moon

The Unexplained | August 12, 2023

Lunar Mysteries w/ Amanda Rose Campanaro On The Virgo Full Moon

Astrologer extraordinaire Amanda Rose Campanaro returns to Unexplained Inc. This time specifically talking about the mysteries of the Moon. The Moon is an enigmatic wonder and has some wild stories and theories surrounding it. They go deep into as many as time allows and here are some of the highlights.

- Did Amanda appear on a tarot deck?
- What wild synchronicity does this episodes have with Amanda and Phil's zodiac signs?
- Why Amanda gave up 'lunar rituals' and enlightens others to possibly suggest stopping too
- Personal documents of how the full Moon affects people's behaviours
- What about the werewolves?
- Documenting claims from ex-CIA pilot John Lear and the true nature of The Moon
- Is the moon hollow? Possibly containing a secret extraterrestrial base?
- Why didn't another Apollo mission land on the Moon?
- David Icke's research on the hollowed-out moon theory
- A deep dive on how the Moon may be a satellite for the odd frequency of Saturn therefore making Earth a prison planet?
- Yogic Doomsday

Plus an odd tie-in to the Daniel Jackson interview...some additional resources available below:

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Video documenting the claims of John Lear:

Phantom Phil called this the Yoga Apocalypse...its actually known as Yogic Doomsday

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