Deep Dive w/ Gio & Ray from The Daily Transcendence Podcast

The Unexplained | August 12, 2023

Deep Dive w/ Gio & Ray from The Daily Transcendence Podcast

This is likely my favourite episode on a personal level!

Before the breakdown I want to remind the True Believers that this episode has been sponsored generously by will provide you with all of your freelancer needs from promo, editing to graphic design...the Unexplained Inc. logo came from someone hired on Fivver....find your next partnership today!

Ray & Gio from the Daily Transcendence podcast break down numerous subjects and the discussion goes into some pretty interesting places. If you're a fan of consciousness and the 'nature of reality' type of discussions this one is for you! Jump in the deep waters of a stream of consciousness chat on many things spiritual and metaphysical!

Other topics they go deep on:
- Oneness vs. Division
- Synchronicities
- The breakdown of the ego
- Problems within the 'truther' community
- Pet peeves in the spiritual community (and music)
- Manifestation hacks
- Phantom Phil's odd story of Jan. 6th, 2021
- An lead to the December Light Worker Series on all things astrological
Plus much more!!

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