Creepy babysitting experience

The Paranormal | August 11, 2023

Creepy babysitting experience

When I was 17. I was asked to babysit for a family friend. She has 4 kids ages 11-4. They lived in a really old house and the 3 girls shared a room together. I babysat really late at night because the moms work shift was like 8pm-2am. So I was mainly there to put the kids to sleep and then wait for their mom to come home.

Their house always made me feel a little uncomfortable . It was old and made a lot of noises. After I put the kids to sleep one night I went back to the living room , sat on the couch and was just scrolling on my phone. Their dogs started barking towards the back of the kitchen. I was confused at what they were barking at so I thought maybe the wind outside was spooking them(it was really windy that night) they stopped barking but then started to run back and forth down the hallway between the living room and the kids rooms. I was trying to calm them down because I didn’t want them to wake up the kids. They finally settled down but I heard the girls scream. (The 3 girls share a room) they came running out crying saying “the man with red eyes and no arms is back in the closet” the oldest said “he was staring at us again” I was also scared. So I told the girls to stay in the living room until their mom came home. I realized their little brother (4yr old) was still sleeping in his room next the girls room. I couldn’t just leave him by himself. So I told myself I wasn’t scared and went to get him so he could be in the living room with all of us. As I was getting him their dogs started running back and forth again and I could hear the girls say “he’s here ! He’s here!” I got their brother and ran back to the living room, but didn’t see anyone except the girls crying . That night they all fell asleep with the lights on in the living room. The mom was upset at me for not making them sleep in their rooms. So she never asked me to babysit again. I still shudder thinking about that night.

Thanks everyone who made it to the end ! I know it was a long .

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