A Call From Superstition Mountain on Friday The 13th

The Unexplained | August 11, 2023

A Call From Superstition Mountain on Friday The 13th

Another edition of the Friday Night Fright brings  on a guest who shares a real-life haunting that deeply affected her and her surrounding family.

Rene and her family moved from Michigan to Arizona and share a terrifying experience they had to live through when a former residence was placed onto an ancient Native burial ground. Rene grew up a member of the Apache tribe but had to seek out another one to help alleviate the situation. Phantom Phil then discusses famous alien and UFO stories tied to the Grand Canyon State...oh yeah and their family currently lives close to Superstition Mountain....more reason to drop this episode to Friday the 13th....hope you don't suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia

Also pay attention for several announcements throughout the episode including a new social media platform & an Unexplained Inc. store ready to be open for business??? More coming soon....

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