Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson Stops In To BLOW Your Mind

The Unexplained | August 10, 2023

Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson Stops In To BLOW Your Mind

Meet Daniel Jackson. He's a spirit medium...he refuses to use the term 'psychic'...his story is as real and unreal as any guest that has been on Unexplained Inc. He hosts the podcast Beyond The Veil. Here are just a few of the fascinating topics discussed in this interview:

- Keeping a sound mind in and amongst the craziness
- Daniel's odd paranormal experiences growing up
- His incredible journey into mediumship after the age of 50
- What really took him and his wife to relocate to southern Arizona?
- His encounters with The Hat Man...who he is, where he's from and why he's here
- How do his spirit guides and Archangel Michael communicate with him?
- What are aliens in his view?
- Shamanic Psychopomp
- How many past life incarnation has Daniel had? How about Phantom Phil?
- Approximately when are both of them going to die?
- Just what is going on with that damn light switch?

All this and much much more in a conversation that includes some red hot takes with synchronicity that you will not forget anytime soon! Stay curious!

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