My homeboy told me one of the eeriest stories

The Paranormal | August 10, 2023

My homeboy told me one of the eeriest stories

For background my good friend doesn’t believe in anything . He was an active gang member awhile ago . He’s just a family man now . He’s been through a lot . He’s not into religion or anything of the sorts.

Some months back this year (march to be exact) I had went to his crib to catch up with him because it had been some months since I saw him. We get into talks about religion (I’m a Christian) and he wanted to know why I believe in something . And then we started talking about other stuff . To be honest have no idea how we got on the topic of the paranormal . But he gave me this serious look and says something around the lines of “bro can I tell you a story I’ve never told anyone but my girl” and I obliged . As I stated above he doesn’t believe anything like this . He’s a skeptical .

So he tells me his mom use to be addicted to prescription drugs . And when she took them she would sleep for hours and days sometimes . So him being the oldest sibling he would check in on her when she was in her room. He says that one day he decided to check on her during the day . His siblings were out side . He went into her room and the curtains were covering her window but their was still sun light peaking from the sides . He said that when he went into her room she was sleep on her back and their was this tall 7 foot shadow figure lookin down at her .

He said that when he noticed the figure the figure looked at him and had white eyes. My friend didn’t fret he just turned around and closed the door .

When he told that story it was so quiet in his house that you could hear a pen drop in another state. I knew he wasn’t lying because he’s never talked about anything like that. He apologized to me because he could tell I was creeped out.

That’s the story

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