Dr. Kristy Sumner PHD and the story of Soul Sisters Paranormal

The Unexplained | August 10, 2023

Dr. Kristy Sumner PHD and the story of Soul Sisters Paranormal

Calling an audible in the 11th hour a brand new guest comes to Unexplained Inc...
Dr. Kristy Sumner PHD of Soul Sisters Paranormal stops by for an enlightening chat..

Kristy and her twin sister Jenny founded this paranormal investigation team on a trip from their home base in central Florida all the way up to West Virginia where they stayed in an allegedly haunted penitentiary!!

From there they had such a thirst for knowledge of the unexplained and coupled with their passion for road trips that they started Soul Sisters paranormal which would expand to include friends and more family...some of the topics discussed in this episode are:

- The history of Soul Sisters Paranormal
- How a twin connection can help aide paranormal investigations
- The 'unromantic' side of investigating
- Television ghost hunting shows & Unsolved Mysteries
- Some hidden haunted gems in the US
- Future investigative spots in Europe
- Motorcycles
...and much more

Learn more about the team and watch amazing video footage on unexplained phenomena caught on camera at their website

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