Haunted Dolls? Mediums/Sensitives Welcome!!

The Paranormal | July 19, 2023

Haunted Dolls? Mediums/Sensitives Welcome!!
Haunted Dolls? Mediums/Sensitives Welcome!!

Under the assumption that most of you won’t have a clue about this.. here’s the backstory.

A post was made here in r/paranormal about two dolls the poster originally bought at goodwill. They were meant to be a gift for one of his cousins who collects dolls. He stated that he would hear knocking, his tv would turn on/off on its own.. and he started having nightmares about a woman named Mary. His dog would also whine and block the closet they had been stored in. Thus, understandably, he really did not want to gift them anymore. A lot of people wanted the dolls and I got lucky and got both of them.

Now.. we don’t know which of these is ‘haunted’.. but I unpacked them as of 20 minutes ago. I will be updating this post as things happen, but please feel free to give any insights! I have a feeling about one of them but will withhold info.. also will be doing research about when they were made. All I know is one is definitely hand made and the other may be as well!

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