Has Anyone Else Experienced This?

The Paranormal | July 18, 2023

Has Anyone Else Experienced This?

When I was about 4, and my brother was about 6, we both heard this voice call us over while we were playing outside. We lived in the country, our house had some bushes and a giant propane tank out back. Underneath one of these bushes was the source of the sound. We both recall seeing this demon baby, on all fours, hovering above this hole in the ground just under one of the bushes. The hole wasn't very big or anything. We never actually saw the mouth move and it was almost still. However, we both remember this incident. We'd even talked about it maybe a year or so before he passed in 2018. My family knew that house to be haunted, too. I don't know if my dad ever acknowledged it, but everyone else did. I also remember my mom calling my name, and when I'd find her and ask what she wanted, she'd say she didn't call my name. Someone told me once what those types of holes were called, but now I can't remember. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Located in Western Ky.

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