Was I seeing ghosts when I was young?

The Paranormal | July 17, 2023

Was I seeing ghosts when I was young?

This isn’t something I have thought about in quite some time as it never occurred to be anything more than my younger self’s active imagination. However, my recent interest in the paranormal (i’ll call myself a curious skeptic) has made me rethink some things I witnessed when I was young.

Some background: one side of the house I grew up in, disregarding the addition, is upwards of 200 years old. It has low ceilings, creaky stairs, and a horrifying basement among many other odd things. My parents’ bedroom is on this side of the house and was formerly a dining room. When I was young, probably until I was 6 or 7, I’d sleep in my parents’ bed from time to time, typical for a kid who often couldn’t sleep, and each time I can recall seeing figures in their very dark room. Two of which I can remember vividly.

The first was a tall figure, male, with a large hat. He’d stand in the doorway to the dining room and lean against the threshold, holding what I believed to be a musket or a long firearm. Which was odd, because for my age I don’t think I could identify what a firearm looked like, but I can vividly remember knowing what he was holding. He would move, lifting his arm to adjust his hat or shift his weapon but would never walk.

The second figure was even taller and I remember being unable to identify if it was male or female. It would stand in the doorway to the bathroom on the right side of the bed, often wave an arm and then stroll from the doorway to pace back and forth along the foot of the bed. Sometimes, it would stop and lean over the bed to look at me before pacing again. Both figures looked like shadows or silhouettes in the pitch black. Neither would disappear no matter how many times I closed my eyes or tried to think them away. I never asked if my parents could see them as I never wanted to wake them.

What makes me curious is that I know I saw both figures, among others, on several occasions, not just in one night, and always in the same spots, performing similar actions. The more I’ve learned about spirits within the last year or so I’ve been interested, the more these occurrences seem strange to me and more than a child’s imagination, but I can’t be sure. I have to be skeptical, as I haven’t seen anything similar in a long time.

My parents have mentioned strange happenings with the tv acting funny on that side of the house, remotes and cameras not holding their charge and hearing strange noises, but I think all these things can be attributed to living in an old house. So, I am curious: does anyone think what I saw could be more than a child who was afraid of the dark?

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