Boyfriend on FaceTime saw a ghost behind me

The Paranormal | July 17, 2023

Boyfriend on FaceTime saw a ghost behind me

So I just got home from staying at a friend’s house and my boyfriend and I were FaceTiming as I went to get a drink downstairs. We have low lighting in my house, but there is a small light that gives off some purple lighting near the living room and towards the hall to the stairs.

As I was walking, and I turned and took a step, he says he saw a face appear behind me. The features were distinct enough, and it was peering over my shoulder enough to give him a “Jumpscare” otherwise he said he wouldn’t have mentioned it.

The thing is, I’ve had the feeling of something over my shoulder in this area of my house before. Many times. I haven’t mentioned it, and I actually heard something odd- like a sigh before my boyfriend and I FaceTimed, but I didn’t mention it to him until after he told me about the apparition. My sister has also seen an apparition of the same description walking upstairs, and we have had cameras go off at night in succession as though someone was walking through each of their views one by one.

I had heard from a neighbor that someone may have died in the house before, but I haven’t been able to find anything out online. We rent, too.

I want the house to feel safer, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what we should do?? I’m spooked now if only because I didn’t even see it. I wish he’d have screenshotted it but he really wasn’t expecting it either lol

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