I think my families old apartment was haunted.

The Paranormal | July 16, 2023

I think my families old apartment was haunted.

Just to clarify I don’t have schizophrenia, psychosis or any type of hallucination disorder .

When I was 13 me and my family lived in a small apartment. The first thing that happened was when my little sister (who’s 5) was playing in my room. My mom came in my room and asked who are you playing with because she was giving food to an imaginary friend my sister said the guy. My mom was a bit unsettled and then asked what the guy looked like and my sister said he was black with a mask and no eyes and stands in the corner. the corner she pointed to was the only place in my room that had creaky floor boards.

After that random things would happen. I would hear my bed springs going down as if someone sat down on it. Or things that I would put down and walk away from for a couple of minutes would disappear for hours and show up in places where I’d swear I didn’t leave them. I also woke up at 3am every night for almost a week. My mom once heard my bed springs go down and got freaked out by it.

A couple months later I heard that you can invite spirits to sit in chairs. And me being the dumb teen I was did exactly that. I did this while my family was away on a camping trip for 2 days. I invited any spirits to sit in a chair. Nothing happened when I did that and me being a non believer thought it was just a bunch of crap. I decided to make dinner for myself. While I was sitting and eating I felt this extremely cold gust of air go past me two times in a row. And this was not an air conditioner or a fan because everything was off. I was unsettled after that.

Two days later I was sitting on my bed playing video games with my siblings. While I was waiting for the game to load I was watching tv in the reflection of the microwave. my room was right outside the kitchen so I can see the microwave and when the tv’s on it reflects onto the microwave. While I’m watching it a clear silhouette of a women walked in front of the tv two times in a row. I thought it was my mom but I remembered that she went to the store.

The next day in the evening I was sitting in my bed watching YouTube and I heard 3 loud, clear knocks coming from within my room. I thought it was the YT video I was watching but I rewinded it and the knocks weren’t in the video. At this point I was scared since I heard that 3 knocks means it’s a demon mocking the holy trinity.

A couple of weeks later I forgot about everything that happened. I was heading to my room to go to sleep. When I stepped into my bedroom I felt sick and could barely breathe. I immediately walked out of my room and felt better I decided to sleep on the couch. This continued for the next five days. On the sixth day I was sick of this and I googled how to get rid of spirits. I read that you have to demand them to leave. I found my moms holy oil and went around the apartment demanding any spirits to leave and putting the holy oil onto door frames. I felt much lighter after I did this. Nothing happened after that and we moved out a year later.

Thanks for reading this if you did I know it’s a long story.

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