What In Fresh Hell Did I Capture at the Axe Murder House?

The Paranormal | July 15, 2023

What In Fresh Hell Did I Capture at the Axe Murder House?
What In Fresh Hell Did I Capture at the Axe Murder House?

(Read this post before looking at the pics for it to make some sense)

so, i’ve lived in iowa for my whole life, and i’ve heard tales of the villisca axe murder house. if you don’t know what happened there, here’s a link to the wikipedia article on it (trigger warning, this is not for the faint of heart):


anyways, i’m finally old enough to go on my own, so my boyfriend and i planned our trip to the axe murder house on a day that we both had off, this past tuesday to be exact. so, we drove three hours from our home to the small town of villisca, iowa.

the guy who owns the house (whose name i believe is darwin, but someone please correct me if i’m wrong!) was super cool and told us the story of the murders and his own paranormal experiences. after a good chat with him we went into the house.

to make a long story short, my partner and i went up i to the attic, where the killer is said to have hid for hours before massacring the whole family. there was a super fucking creepy doll peeking out at me from the small doorway, so i took a picture of it naturally…

which i quickly deleted, because when i approached the doll, i discovered it was sitting atop a ouija board with letters full of apologies for taking pictures of it without its permission. my stomach dropped and i gave it a verbal apology, hoping that would suffice.

so after my partner and i were finished touring the house, we walked back outside and found darwin standing nearby. i decided to ask him about the doll, and the story he told me dropped my jaw.

he said that he had taken that doll to the location of several famous serial killers’ homes and filled it with the dirt from each spot, to include jeffrey dahmer and ed gein to name a few. then, he put it in the attic on top of a ouija board.

so, this brings me to the pictures. what the actual fuck is that peeking at me through the window in that second picture? that’s the very same window that doll sits right next to. is it even anything at all? am i just wishfully thinking? can some other kind redditors weigh in on this?

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