my mom and aunt shared the same dream as kids

The Paranormal | July 15, 2023

my mom and aunt shared the same dream as kids

So, this isn't actually my own expirence, but more my mom's.

She and my aunt (I'll just call her Joe bc it's funny lol) were pretty close as kids. they're not as close now, my aunt moved far away so we don't see her much.

Joe (aunt) was the eldest kid in the family, my mom was the middle kid. When they were younger Joe played the role of that big sister who was always trying to protect you and sometimes acted like your mom.

They slept in seperate rooms, so yk. not like song it was a big family they all shared a room.

anyway, the shared dream went like this.

For my mom, what she saw was some legless man walking (floating?) around her sisters room, with her sister fast asleep in her bed. She drew a sketch of the man in the dream once so that's how I'm able to describe him further - but he had no features. More of a shadow, I suppose. But not a shadow person or The Hat Man.

My mom, and, well... really the entirety of her family, have a lot of expirences with the paranormal. My mom 100% believes in it. Her theory is that her side is just a lot more sensitive to paranormal activity. Specifically all of the women in her side of the family. (Paternal, I mean. she has a lot of half-sisters and each one has had a supernatural expirence. So it all comes from her dad.)

When she had woken up, she immediately ran to my aunt's room. Apparently, she thought that the dream was a warning or a sign that her sister was in trouble. When she got there, everything seemed normal. Joe was perfectly fine, and no legless guy.

She told Joe about the dream she had because obviously Joe was like "dude why the fuck did you come into my room go to sleep" and Joe had told her that she had the exact same dream. Only this time, the legless man was walking around my Mom's room.

Neither of them have any clue what the hell it means. Because neither of them were harmed after that dream, so they were like, "well if neither of us got hurt it wasn't a prediction dream... so then how the fuck did we share that dream?"

anyone know if this phenomenon has a name? I know of shared dreams but usually those are happy dreams and include both of you experiencing the same dream, together, at the same time, instead of being like a reverse of the dream.

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