Recurring Tall Man in my dreams: have you seen him too?

The Paranormal | July 14, 2023

Recurring Tall Man in my dreams: have you seen him too?

The last three days, regardless of what I am dreaming or the theme of my dream - the dream always seems to take me to my room, in my room I have three medium sized windows. I always hear this knocking, today it was banging however. The weird thing about this is I live in the top set of this block of flats so no one could possibly knock on my window if they wanted to. But I keep on seeing the same exact recurring tall man (maybe like 7’2” tall), with pale skin and short black hair. He is always knocking on my window and smiling. The previous two days I got so scared when I saw him I immediately stopped my dreaming and woke up. But today I saw him again, this time he was banging but when I faced the window he had the same smile. Seeing him today made the dream lucid so I shouted in front of him that I would call the police. When I said that in the dream his smile dropped and he started to look angry and he disappeared.

I’ve seen shadow people and the hat man before but I have never seen that man in my dreams or real life. I just need to know if anyone has seen it too or heard of him

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