Visiting an Islamic fallen friend

The Paranormal | July 13, 2023

Visiting an Islamic fallen friend

First of all, this topic focuses on paranormal beliefs and specific religious beliefs. Anyone can answer as long as they're aware but I mostly would like to hear from either Muslims or Paranormal Experts.

So I have a friend who's religion is Islam. Afaik, once a muslim individual dies, they must be buried before or within 24 hours. Unfortunately, that's a short time for me to be able to visit his funeral. To make it worse, I wasn't even allowed by my overly strict past biological single mother to visit.

Now that I'm free, I can visit his grave. However, there's one thing I've heard or learned from one of Islam's teachings. Each person 2 angels—one who's strict of bad deeds and other who's too considerate of your good intents. While also having 2 devils or jinns—one who copies the person (ghost) and I forgot the other. Another thing is if a pure muslim died, they're considered asleep until the supposed day of world's end or Day of Judgement. While for those who aren't good muslims will have their spirits awake having them to endure waiting that long.

I actually wanted to voice out thoughts that wasn't able to tell him like others (no matter the religions) do on visiting the graves of their loved ones or friends. So if ever my friend's soul is asleep, can he hear my voice? I really missed him but couldn't have time to be with him often because of my toxic mother.

Now for the paranormal side, ignoring the Islamic belief, do you think my fallen friend can hear me? What would be the other ways I can communicate with him like dreams or such?

Thank you for reading, Salaam to muslim people reading this.

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