my personal ghost experience

The Paranormal | July 12, 2023

my personal ghost experience

when i was around 6 or 5 years old my dad had recently died, and i was sitting on the couch watching tv i think but then a figure with with a beige see through cloak and a skeleton head floats from my kitchen into the living room and passes me. i was frozen with fear at the time but im not sure what it was and i cant find anything online.

another experience i had were with to black hooded figure one was a short one where it whipped by me but the second not so much as a watched the figure from from the stairs and it stared back at me and slowly disappeared

next when i was older around 8 to 10 in a new home at night i was sleeping with my mom cause something just felt off now you should know she has two mirrors in her room and on i saw another black hooded figure in the mirror which he saw me look at him and he quickly ducked out of sight then a couple minutes later in the other mirror which is a taller and skinnier one a women in a white wedding dress appears and then slowly disappeared without acknowledging me.

now i dont know what any of these occurrences mean but these spirits never caused me harm or did anything else but appear to me and it's bean a couple years now im 15 (this is in the present and whatever day i post this) i've been see black figures on the corner of my eye go past me and i've felt their presence.

what does this all mean could someone please tell me.

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