[Serious] Skeptic asking for science to explain my family’s experiences, I’m sure we can!

The Paranormal | July 11, 2023

[Serious] Skeptic asking for science to explain my family’s experiences, I’m sure we can!

Don't know much about the history of my house that I bought last fall except that it's had a few owners, built in 1958, and coincidentally is about 150 feet from a cemetery, which I really don't think means anything.

I've got 4 kids, they all report independently strange occurrences.

Oldest daughter reports a person she feels and occasionally sees in her room.. She's 17. Mildly autistic, honest to a fault, doesn't make up stories. Dreams, maybe?

One kid (13) swears his fan moves around in his room while he's sleeping. Never unplugged, but as far as the cord can stretch, which is pretty far. Says it will be beside his bed, then it will be several feet away. Then it might be by his head, then by his feet. Maybe sleep paralysis, maybe dreams, I don't know.

Another has reported the timer on the toaster oven being set (not the electric part, just the timer) while he's around it. He's called me in, I've heard it. Maybe he's setting it, but his older brother and I have never told him about the fan, his sister hasn't said anything about her experiences, as he's 6 and don't want to scare him.... No idea why he would think that's a funny prank as he says it scares him.

Another, my youngest talks to things I can't see and describes them, imagination, perhaps. She's 2. That boy with the ball, that girl in the dress, etc.

I can leave a room, come back, cupboards, drawers open. Or closed depending how I left them. Sometimes water is running. I can wake in the middle of the night to lights that were off on.

So.... Let's find all the things that could be causing this, because ghosts just don't compute for me.

TV can start playing randomly in the middle of the night.

We had to electrical all rewired before we moved in, under a year ago, New fire detectors installed, they only go off when we have actually burned food or created smoke by accident.

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