I dreamt that uncle passed away

The Paranormal | July 11, 2023

I dreamt that uncle passed away

A few years ago, I had this really really weird dream. I was so bothered by it that I woke myself up when it got too strange/ended.

For context, my uncle who I’ll call Tito for this story was really sick at the time. I never really saw him throughout my childhood but that year (I think 2016-2018) I’d see him every Sunday at my aunt’s beach house. I wouldn’t talk to him aside from saying hello and goodbye, so it creeped me out that I had this dream about him.

The dream started out with me and my mom walking around what looked like NYC, but then slowly morphed into one mega-city with all these tourist spots from other countries. Sometime in the the dream, my mom left me to do something else and I signed up for this “helicopter tour” and happened to see my uncle signing up for it too. The staff asked us to leave all of our phones/tablets and jewelry with them before we got onto the helicopter, which made me confused but I didn’t really think of it at the time. He was in a wheelchair so I helped him get into the helicopter, and after a few minutes, we took off. We talked about idk what, but then the pilot announced that we’d do a parachute-free skydive. Tito started to wheel himself toward the open door, and I tried to follow him, but he said I was too young and it wasn’t my time to sky-dive yet. He then rolled himself out of the helicopter after saying bye to me, and then I woke up. I checked my phone and it was 11:46 exactly. I just thought it was weird and went back to sleep since I’ve had weird dreams about family members before.

The morning after, my mom told me that sadly, Tito passed away the night before at 11:46 PM. My family regards this as him saying his final goodbye to someone who could handle it, a.k.a. Me because I’m known to never freak out. Just wanted to share this story because I think it’s quite creepy/cool.

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