Chapter Six: A Hush Hush Halloween: Livestream Replay

The Unexplained | July 11, 2023

Chapter Six: A Hush Hush Halloween: Livestream Replay

For the first time ever Unexplained Inc. went live on it's Facebook page on Sunday October 30, can now be heard as a full episode for those who missed it putting a bookend on spooky season for another year!

We welcome back:

Mystery Mike
Declassified Dave
Slick Fronk Sanders

These individuals make up the enthralling podcast Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour. You can listen to their show right here:

In this special livestream here are some of the topics discussed:
- The 'hidden' history or agenda behind Halloween
- Do spirits and entities harvest our consciousness when the veil is thin?
- Their interview with David Icke
- David Icke's thoughts on the origins of Halloween
- Strangest items received while trick or treating
- a breakdown of the classic tv show "The-X Files"
- a shout-out to honourable mention 'Millenium'
- How did we end up discussing the tag team of Jesse 'The Body' Ventura & Alex Trebek...WTAF???

- A throwback clip when Hush Hush appeared on the show in May 2021.
- Various updates from Phantom Phil in the outro

FB: Unexplained Inc.
IG: unexplained_inc.
IG: phantom_phil_unexplained
Twitter: @phantom_phil3

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