July 9 – Farmer City Monster

Cryptids | July 10, 2023

July 9 – Farmer City Monster

It was on this date in 1970 near Farmer City, IL. Four friends were gathered around a crackling campfire when a rustling sound interrupted their conversation. The boys peered into the darkness beyond the firelight and saw a massive figure moving stealthily toward their tent. One of them jumped to his feet and turned on the headlights of his car at the menacing silhouette. Their jaws dropped when they saw the creature crouching close to their tents.

The ape-like beast was tall, standing 6-7 feet tall, and had grayish-white fur. Its yellow eyes glowed in the night, and its body seemed to move gracefully as it jumped on two legs and sprinted back into the tall grass.

This is the initial glimpse of what would soon be dubbed the Farmer City Monster.

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