Scratches appearing on my body in real time??

The Paranormal | July 9, 2023

Scratches appearing on my body in real time??

My husband, son and I just moved to a new apartment almost a month ago. Everything has been fine here so far except the fact that I have bad dreams nearly every night about my husband. Like that he hates me?

But anyways, I’ve had unexplained scratches on my arms showing up. I figured that I was scratching myself in my sleep. Well that was until tonight. My husband was sitting at his gaming desk playing his games. I was standing beside his desk just talking when I felt a burning sensation on the back of my right upper thigh. I looked and there was a scratch. I wasn’t wearing any pants, just a t-shirt and underwear so I figured I somehow scratched myself on something. It was a super long scratch going across my upper thigh and under my butt. I showed my husband, we both said “weird”. No big deal.

Then I feel the sensation again. I look and there’s another scratch (above the first) on my lower right butt cheek. It wasn’t there 30 seconds earlier. I never left the spot. So I go get a better look in the mirror and show my husband again. He also says it was not there when I showed him the first scratch. I’m confused at this point.

Still haven’t sat down, didn’t go anywhere but to the bathroom to check out the scratch and back to standing beside his desk. I feel the burning again. I run back to the mirror and on the top of my right butt cheek there’s multiple scratches. Like 4, maybe 5 scratch marks together in a row. That freaked me out because it looked like an animal or person did it. Not scratching myself on the corner of something walking around the house (plus the fact that my body didn’t touch anything since I discovered the first scratch).

I am not the type of person to blame everything on paranormal. Every other weird thing I always find a reasonable excuse for. I’ve been talking with my husband trying to come up with a reason for this. I’m very confused right now.

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