“Sit”, “Stay”, and “Good boy” are readily understood by dogs, but does their comprehension of human language go further? For one, it all depends upon the breed, profession, and need for interspecies communication. Read on to apprehend how locquacious your pooch may be and potentially become better friends. On the other hand, Cat Brains Are Shrinking, And It’s All Humans’ Fault. Not because we talk to them with dopey baby voices, but tameness seems to have a deleterious effect upon feline cognition and brain size. It’s a rich tapestry and Brandon Spektor has an analysis of the available data. At least they’re not smoothbrains like koalas, but other critters are similarly aware and appear to experience rich emotional lives based upon Tim Brinkhof’s inquiry as to Awareness Of Death And Other Incredible Examples Of Animal Intelligence. In fact, beneath the fur, chitin, and scales one could presume critters are quite… human. Wait, there’s more! Dig this wild footage, by way of Tim Binnall, featuring Crows Trained To Collect Discarded Cigarette Butts In Sweden by rewarding their civic-minded behavior. (CS)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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