Ufologist, educator, MUFON Ohio State Chair and technological guru Thomas Wertman’s inaugural Saturday Night Dreams program is an auspicious beginning. Thomas prepares fully for and makes his guests comfortable during the podcasts, and Robert Sperling is excellent discussing patterns in UFO cases and what makes for a “good” case. “IFOs”–identified cases–are shown as crucial not only in separating “wheat from chaff” cases, but also for promoting best practices in the field. Fascinating reports and interesting opinions abound. The iconic ufologist and author of the monumental The UFO Encyclopedia, 3rd Ed. and numerous related books visits Gene Steinberg in Jerry Clark with Curt Collins. Jerry and Gene reminisce about the earlier days of ufology and figures such as Stanton Friedman, Leonard Stringfield, and Ray Palmer. Interestingly, Jerry also cuts George Adamski and certain other early “Contactees” some slack, and also explains why in “experience anomalies” the “experience” is the core–not the “content.” And Preston Dennett takes us for a ride of Three Hours Onboard a UFO. “Ron C.’s” June 15, 1965 excursion is profiled. (WM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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