Our first-observed interstellar vistor may have come and gone, but currently it’s beyond the orbit of Saturn and by 2054 ‘Oumuamua will have blown past Pluto and then some. Now some eggheads reckon they can send a probe to catch up with our visitor for a better look, and Chris Young has all the tasty details on the proposed light sails. Significantly further away, Morgan McFall-Johnsen’s scratching her noggin over Unknown Objects At The Heart Of The Milky Way Are Beaming Radio Signals, Then Mysteriously Disappearing. Is this a case of aliens acting like girls at a sleepover calling cute boys then losing their nerve? Might there be a natural explanation for this strangeness? Perhaps these galactic center radio transients are something completely new, and heaven knows what new stuff they’ll reveal to humanity. In other news, Jocelyne LeBlanc wants to reveal 14% Of People Think Aliens Will Invade Earth This Year according to the World Economic Forum. (CS)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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