First up on Bigfoot Monday is a second look at those hair-raising Sierra Sounds recorded in 1971 by Ron Morehead. Half a century later and it’s still undecided if the jabber was real and un-hoaxed, although it’s generally agreed to have the basic components of a language. Nearly 40 years before that, similar claims were made. Bigfoot Language and the Strange Kidnapping of Albert Ostman describes an incident in BC, Canada, where a Sasquatch thought Ostman would make either a good nanny (or a tasty burrito), picked him up while still inside his sleeping bag, slung him over its shoulder and brought him home to the family. And since there’s no end to the strangeness when we’re talking Bigfoot, we’ll finish up with Bigfoot: From Multi-Dimensions to Worm-Holes and the Mystery of Mothman. The notion that Bigfoot has access to interdimensional portals is a heady subject, but it explains so much that we cannot dismiss it as a possibility. And so, as usual, our questions around the Hairy Man of mystery continue to multiply the more we try to find answers. (CM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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