Nick Redfern notes a 1966 reference to the Roswell case besides a 1991 second-hand account which he feels supports a totally human explanation for the 1947 crash story. When Secret Propaganda and UFOs Crossed Paths: Crashed Flying Saucers and Dead Aliens (Maybe…) sketches the possibility the Government took “advantage” of a horrible 1947 experiment gone wrong to spin a coverup UFO crash yarn — a theme it later trotted out to create similar “ET accidents” that never were. Nick next describes other instances where real but what would prove obviously “non-alien” events happened in 1947. All explaining, on the matter of Crashed UFOs: Why We Have to be Very Careful About Their Validity. Or Not. But in July 1952 a series of events around our Nation’s Capital got the undivided attention of the Government, for reasons Nick elucidates in “The Objects May Possibly be Ships From Another Planet Such as Mars.” (WM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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