Thirty million years ago Earth’s climate chilled, wiping out most mammal species. New research indicates mammals in warmer Africa suffered the same nearly 2/3rds extinction rate that European and Asian groups experienced. Marie Claire Chelini covers the genesis and methods of the international effort behind this surprising discovery. Jocelyne LeBlanc reports that a Newly Discovered Siberian Geoglyph is Twice as Old as the Nazca Lines, linking to an illustrated source article. LeBlanc colleague Paul Seaburn notes some Biblical Archeologists Claim to Find Noah’s Ark and Mount Sinai. Paul’s not overexcited by what may be “the archeological equivalent of pareidolia,” but the splashy “Noah’s Ark Scan” website features a 360-degree video of the ruggedly beautiful area, plus a request for donations. And Jason Colavito opines that A Medieval Italian Chronicle Might Offer Insight into the Zeno Hoax. The 14th-century Cronica Universalis’ indicating Italian “pre-Columbus” knowledge of Norse crossings to North America also weakens chances the 16th-century Zeno Narrative is fully original. And that implies a 1390s Henry Sinclair western visit never happened. (WM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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