Brent Swancer takes us back to a case from 1960 in Scotland, when young Virginia Campbell and her family were terrorized by ghostly goings-on in their home, witnessed by both a local doctor and a minister. The latter recalled, “I felt we were in the presence of forces hitherto almost unknown.” Meanwhile, Author Kate Summerscale’s Latest Book Tells Real-Life Haunting and Possible Poltergeist of Alma Fielding. Beginning in 1938, Alma began reporting occurrences that seemed consistent with poltergeist activity, but which may have been a hoax, underpinned by psychological trauma. It sounds a tad convoluted, but is certainly an intriguing case, which Summerscale suggests might be due to “something about [Alma’s] inner life that was not accommodated by the society in which she found herself …” Definitely food for thought. (LP)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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