How haunted is small-town America? You’ll be just as surprised as Jocelyne LeBlanc to discover the hard figures on this non-corporeal subject. Mind you Jocelyne’s numbers aren’t for city slickers and their liberal airs, but honest folk who reckon a skyscraper is taller than the Woolworth’s downtown. Despite the spoiler in her headline, there’s a lot of fun data to consider here. Way out in the Copper State, Tim Binnall heard through the grapevine about a Ghost Dog Photographed in Arizona and he’s not talking Forest Whitaker. As for the greatest house in the greatest country in the world, Tony Spitz has produced a video replete with White House Ghost Stories Revealing No One Is Safe From A Good Haunting. To no one’s surprise, the United Kingdom remains one of, if not the spookiest locations in the anglosphere. Case in point — Ghost Hunters Report Eerie Events At The Former Accrington Police Station And Courts and Claire Barre has the scoop! (CS)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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