China may be the world leader in massive, coordinated, spectacularly beautiful drone displays, but this one went wrong. The video notes that about 10 drones were involved, and it appears no one was hurt. But what a scare this probably was and if indeed the failure was intentional, someone should pay. An even more anomalous aerial event was a Too-Close Encounter with our nearest heavenly neighbor, as Panicked Staff Chase after Giant Moon on Street after it Escapes from Festival. Reporter Sian Elvin allows this event “may seem like total lunacy,” and notes this isn’t the first time a lunar festival prop went AWOL. And sometimes the “chatter” accompanying an interesting “UFO” video seems stranger than the purported anomaly itself. “Captain Jack” hints broadly about a UFO Spotted over Chicago, Illinois? This Play by Play is ‘Stoned’ Goodness. No idea here about the object, but we agree with “Captain Jack’s” summation “The internet never lets me down.” (WM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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