In the conclusion of a two-part examination, David Halperin finds “important and valuable” the recent and controversial book by Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris about a pre-Roswell New Mexican “alien” mishap. Halperin’s novel interpretation, set against the current spectre of threatened nuclear conflict over Taiwan, is worth reflection. Thankfully at this serious moment, Miguel “Red Pill Junkie” Romero wants us to Enjoy This Webcomic Series Featuring Classic Cases from the Files of Project Blue Book. The series website offers “human stories of ordinary people who brush against the unknown and must grapple with what they see there.” But only Chapter 1 of the Betty and Barney Hill story is free. The Hill abduction figures in Jason Colavito’s Review of Ancient Aliens S17E06 “The Top Ten Alien Encounters”. It’s rather revealing–and so intended–how Jason emphasizes the “repeat” quality of the current AA season’s offerings. A commenter adds an example of Demi Lovato getting a “standing ovation” from “alien” fans, which segues us into Paul Seaburn’s Foo Fighter Dave Grohl Talks UFOs and Aliens. This piece about “the nicest guy in rock music” and his ET interests is itself a nice way to conclude our review of various media-related treatments of the human “brush against the unknown.” (WM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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