Whether ghosts exist or not, one thing is for certain — people believe in ghosts all around the world. How and why they believe may vary, but there’s an underlying thread as Tok Thompson relates to Hadley Mendelsohn. It’s amazing how something seemingly frivolous and immature can hold so much sway, enabling phantoms to manifest anywhere. For example there’s The Spooky Briefcase-Carrying Ghost Said To Haunt The Runways At Heathrow. We wonder if Hugh Fort might be related to someone familiar to anomaliists after hearing him recount the tale of a fiery crash and the one person who never got through customs. If it’s not obvious enough, Hallowe’en season is upon us! Diane Bair and Pamela Wright may not live where Hallowe’en was invented, but rather perfected, as they want the world to know The Berkshires Are Haunted. We Have The Ghost Stories To Prove It. Whether they saw the ghosts firsthand or not is for you to find out, true believer. On the furthest of sides from the Berkshires, a Viral Ghost Video Leads To Arrests In India as some desi pranksters hoped to get attention, writes Tim Binnall. As you’ll see, they got more than they bargained. (CS)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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