There is a truly neat-looking construction outside a “radar-cross section measurement facility” in California. One guess as to what’s up there. Then there is a ‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering over Edinburgh Airport Leaving Scots Family Stunned. It’s interesting how the image partially “unveils” itself in the footage, and we understand BUFORA (the British UFO Research Association) is on the case. Of rather greater concern is that a Droitwich Woman ‘Vanishes from Bed’ in Eerie Footage Obtained by UFO Hunters. Another British UFO organization is looking at this 11-year-old video, which the article says couldn’t be duplicated by the American “Fact or Faked” tv series. This kind of stuff has one Warwickshire Investigator Searching for UFO Answers. Profiled is John Hanson, who co-authored The Halt Perspective with key Rendlesham Forest Incident figure retired USAF Colonel Charles Halt and had his own Rendlesham experience 20 years after that iconic “British Roswell.” (WM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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