Any sufficiently advanced alien civilization is capable of altering their homeworld, their parent star, or even their galaxy, as Nikolai Kardashev opined in 1964. Now Passant Rabie got Hongying Chen to spill the beans on the latest hot target for SETI astronomers. In short, they surveyed the sky for galaxies exhibiting the presumed properties of habitation by Dyson sphere-crazy aliens and found some. Unsurprising since the Chances Of Alien Life In Our Galaxy Are ‘Far More Likely Than First Thought’ based upon the chemistry of our interstellar dust. If this dust is ubiquitous and similar throughout, might those aliens be similar to us? Sarah Knapton doesn’t have any definitive answers, but there are enough clues to ignite the imaginations of even the most hardened skeptics. (CS)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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