An increasing acceptance of UFO discussion in academic, scientific, and particularly engineering circles comes out in Christopher Plain’s extensive article about the initial “Alternative Propulsion Energy Conference” held virtually on November 10, 2020, and attended by some NASA and DARPA people. Plain makes clear the origins and purposes of the now-regular gatherings, and how UFOs have achieved an increased emphasis in this cutting-edge activity. Matt Dupuy’s US Congress Ponders Setting Up Permanent UFO Investigation Office compares the House and Senate versions of this initiative. The treatment attempts humor, but is a decent high-level summary. And MUFON Membership Surges with Renewed UFO Interest as displayed by the media, technical and governmental communities. The Mystery Wire team reports an about 50% increase in Mutual UFO Network membership since the late 2017 exposés of a secret Pentagon UFO studies program and release of Naval UFO videos. (WM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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