We have the perfect prescription for anyone (all of us) needing respite from the endless disaster movie that is 2020-2021. Distraction! And by distraction we mean researcher and filmmaker Karac St. Laurent has released a new documentary–about a hairy, manlike creature in this New Hampshire town–as an homage to the cryptid documentaries of the the 1970s (think The Legend of Boggy Creek). You can see it at the Crash-Course Cryptozoology YouTube channel. And when you’re done with that, pop more popcorn and prepare to be amazed, because The ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ lives again, in colorized 4K video reconstruction. The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has taken the best known footage of a captive thylacine, digitized and colorized the 1933 film, then handed it over to be completed by Samuel François-Steininger of the Paris-based Composite Films. (CM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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